Is a Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan like opening a brokerage account?

No - A Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan is very different from a traditional brokerage account.
Some of the differences are:

  • You are the direct owner of your shares, registered on the books and records of Duke Realty;
  • You receive a 1% discount from the investment date  price when you purchase additional shares by automatically reinvesting your quarterly dividends;
  • You can set up your account online or by mailing in the proper forms to our transfer agent, EQ (Equiniti Shareowner Services);
  • The dollar amounts invested or reinvested will determine the number of shares that you will own;
  • Your investment will purchase full and fractional shares;
  • New shares being purchased will be priced at the average of the high and low prices reported by the NYSE as appropriate for the investment date; and
  • The price for shares that are reinvested will be determined by calculating the average of the low and high sales price per share, as reported by the NYSE, on the last day of trading prior to the reinvestment date.
  • See the prospectus for pricing and investment cost details for the Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan.


What is a direct stock purchase program?

  • A direct stock purchase program is a program administered by a public company's transfer agent that allows investors to buy shares of the company through the transfer agent rather than a brokerage firm.
  • These programs are designed for investors who would like to make regular or periodic investments in a company.
  • A transfer agent is an agent retained by a company to maintain records of investors' account balances, handle transfers of securities for an issuing company, and other administrative details of owning shares directly registered in your account. Our transfer agent is EQ (Equiniti Shareowner Services).
  • The process of acquiring shares through a direct stock purchase program is significantly different as compared to purchasing shares through a brokerage firm. Your investment amount will buy full and fractional shares. In addition, you have direct ownership of your shares and Duke Realty knows you are a shareholder.


How do I invest in Duke Realty's direct stock purchase program?

  • An online account is set up with EQ (Equiniti Shareowner Services).
  • You must read and certify that you have read the prospectus that identifies the program details.
  • Shares can be purchased on semi-monthly or as a one-time investment, at your discretion.


What is a dividend reinvestment program?

  • A dividend reinvestment program offers you the ability to purchase additional shares of company common stock every quarter using your cash dividend to fund share purchases.
  • See the prospectus for the Duke Realty Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan for information on when and how fees may apply.


How can I have my dividends reinvested?

  • If you already hold shares through EQ (Equiniti Shareowner Services), the online dividend reinvestment enrollment form must be completed at the EQ (Equiniti Shareowner Services) website.
  • You have the option to reinvest a portion or all of your quarterly dividend.
  • You must acknowledge that you have read the prospectus that defines the program.
  • Once the dividend reinvestment enrollment form has been completed, dividends will be reinvested within 5 days after the dividend has been paid.


Do I have to enroll online to participate?

  • Our former plan participants are automatically enrolled in our new plan and may change their elections at any time.
  • Current shareholders not enrolled may elect to receive plan materials via online or by regular mail and return the completed forms to EQ (Equiniti Shareowner Services); however, all plan statements and account information is administered online. Account statement notification will be transmitted via email and accessed online.


How can I stay on top of my Duke Realty investment if I become a shareholder?

  • Enroll in EQ (Equiniti Shareowner Services) website for your account at and receive 24/7 access to your account.
  • Bookmark Duke Realty investor relations webpage to receive company news.


Do you recommend I use the direct stock purchase program?

  • We can make no investment advice or recommendations. Each investor is different and our program is designed for investors who make their own investment decisions.